Got to pick a pocket or two…

I evaded my second robbery attempt as I left the ferry across Dar harbour entrance (I now live the other side and commute by ferry – which was very romantic for the first day or two). Theres a bit of a crush as you pass the ferry daladala/taxi stop (ripe for conversion to a transport interchange I reckon). I felt a bit of a shove behind me, and turned around to catch a lad red handed, holding my sunglasses case which he had just fished out of the side pocket of my day pack. He just stood there, kind of gormless looking, while i grabbed his arm, liberated the shades, then wondered what to do next. Wasn’t some one supposed to lynch him or something? I’m sure that’s what they said in the Rough Guide. So having double checked that the shades were still in the case, I looked at him, shook my head slowly – signifying that a) he was well out of order, b) that he should seriously consider getting a proper job as he wasn’t really cut out for a life of crime.

Just a really incompetent pickpocket!      Is that all you got, Dar es Salaam?


2 thoughts on “Got to pick a pocket or two…

    • I do have posh sunnies – although I did get them from TKMax, but I’m saving them for when I get my new car (seems a bit silly but hey). The ones that the guy nicked were from whats that big sports shop called near the stockport pyramid – decathlon.

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