Welcome to my Tanzanian world


Went ‘rural’ yesterday – travelling from Moshi town to Mbahe village, near Marangu, on the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro. Started off at the Kilimanjaro base camp, full of wazungu (white folk) getting ready to climb the mountain. Then walked around a really lush village with lots of water coming off the mountain, 
They were on their lunch break from school, a school built by European volunteers apparently.
Banana trees, shading coffe plants.
and happy smiley kids who seemed really pleased to see me. As we walked around the kids were taking turns to hold my hands which was really sweet.

Everyone's really friendly, especially the kids.

Ever wondered where avocados come from?


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Tanzanian world

  1. Advocado trees … reminds me of living in Israel and picking them as I worked in the fields on the kibbutz.

    Tz beer looks good… seems you have decided not to give up alcohol just yet What about the coffee? You know what it does to you!! x

  2. Hi Michael
    Great to see your ongoing life ‘adventure’. Good on ‘yer. I’ve still got to send you the lovely book people wrote for your leaving that I couldn’t collate properly in time because of a virus in my pc at home. Will send it on – promise, and very soon. What would have happened if you’d have stayed? Same old same old stuff, so enjoy the adventure…£30K yeh, but that makes you have enough money to live enough to forget how much you could really ‘live’, so enjoy it. Benachtai en faite Poraig! Well done Michael – let the road rise! Dawn xx

  3. Ps. lots of folk in the office are following this, but not so many responding on this site, so you do have a ‘secret’ following.

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